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Who We are

Jupiter Capital is a Mexican middle market direct investment firm formed in 2013 by a group of established businessmen with a proven track record; creating, partnering with, growing and strategically exiting several businesses.


Unlike traditional private equity funds  in which investors blindly committ money to a specific investment strategy locked into terms for a minimum 10 years, Jupiter Capital focuses on offering it's network of global Family Offices and Individual Investors tailored solutions via deal-by-deal investment opportunities. Thereby allowing each investor to decide which investments makes sense for them and which ones do not.


Jupiter Capital's Deal Team works diligently for months with business owners screening companies and structuring long-term investments in a way that allows us to get deaply involved in the business development process. By working closely alongside business owners, our deal team is able do detect and exploit operational and capital structure efficiencies, market trends and enhance corporate governance to help the investment reach it's maximum potential and exit when market conditions are optimal.  


Only after our team has carefully assembled all aspects of the investment does our Investment Comittee decide whether the deal is investor ready, requires further diligence or doesn't work at all. We are renowned for the deal discipline that guides our decision about when it makes sense to proceed with an investment and when it´s best to walk away. We understand that when it comes to long-term value creation half the job is done pre-acquisition by diligently choosing the right businesses and people to partner with.

Structuring Exceptionally Rewarding Investments 




Direct Investing

Tactical Opportunities Extraordinary investment opportunities present themselves in all shapes and sizes and don't always fit a specific investment strategy. Traditional PE funds constantly find themselves having to unwillingly pass on quality opportunities, simply because they don't fit their rigid investment criteria. Our philosophy is simple: Don't miss the “can't miss” opportunities. 

Better Alignment Raising a traditional PE fund allows managers to sit back and charge a stable fee income for a 10 year period regardless of whether the fund has invested or not. Our direct investment firm incentivizes both managers and investors on a deal-by-deal basis since each deal has its own set of economics which don't depend on the performance of other deals.

Full Transparency Unlike a traditional private equity fund model, where investors commit capital to the fund on a blind-pool basis with zero discretion on investment decisions, direct investing on a deal-by-deal basis, grants full transparency on the underlying investments that will be made and allows “M&A-style” diligence (in addition to that performed by the manager). 

No Fixed Timelines Traditional PE funds are in a hurry to complete as many acquisitions as possible before their investment period is over, thereby losing access to the investors’ previously committed capital. Investing with a tight schedule can result in reckless risk taking. The same is true for having to exit all investments before year 10, which can result in missing out on significant growth.

The flexibility of deal-by-deal investing allows Júpiter Capital to structure investments outside the boundries of any particular investment thesis, strategically positioning ourselves to take advantage of a rapidly evolving investment landscape. It gives us flexibility and open-mindedness to detect creative opportunities where others do not. This transaltes to exceptionally rewarding investments for our  investor base as well as an innovative solution for the management teams we partner with. 

Our Offices

Av. Santa Fe 428, Col. Santa Fe, CDMX, C.P. 05348







Júpiter Capital

Current Direct Investments


Founded in 1985, GFT is a commercial platform for generic pharmaceuticals and other OTC products. Prior to JCAP`s investment in the company, GFT distributed 200 products and other exclusive lines across 1,000 points of sale. Post JCAP´s investment, GFT changed its business model, expanding its network with a unique reach of over 50,000 POS across the country, and incorporated new business lines across different commercial channels in Mexico such as supermarkets, convenience stores, national drug store chains, regional drugstore chains, wholesale stores, hotels, discount store chains, etc.

Company Name: Grupo Farmacéutico de Tijuana, S.A. de C.V.

Location: Tijuana, Baja California, México.

Sector: Healthcare

Vintage: 2014


Fullsen was formed in 2018 as an expert in sexual health. It has a wide product mix such as condoms, lubricants, sexual vigor pills like sildenafil, pregnancy tests, levonogestrel or day-after pills, vaginal showers, etc. Fullsen was formed as a result of a joint venture by JCAP and the group of businessmen that founded and sold Sico condoms in 2012, the leading Mexican condom brand at the time. Fullsen products can be bought in +40,000 points of sale across Mexico.

Company Name: Fullsen, S.A. de C.V.

Location: Mexico City, Mexico.

Sector: Sexual Wellness

Vintage: 2018